Reigate’s Gurkha Kitchen plays host for Orpheus

On Monday evening the Gurkha kitchen closed their popular restaurant to the public for a fund-raising evening in support of Orpheus.Read more

A Big Orpheus Welcome

Orpheus welcomes new students and volunteers.Read more

One World Cafe

In February 2018 our students took part in an intensive week - a week which starts with a blank piece of paper and ends in an accumulation of songs, artworks, designs and pieces of theatre.Read more

Music Technology at Orpheus

Chris Lammin, Curriculum Leader and Music Technology Tutor tells us about the benefits of the Music Technology course at Orpheus in his new blog post. Students not only develop practical skills, but many other life skills while gaining an accredited qualification through Gateway Qualifications.Read more

Orpheus praised by Ofsted as “Good” in every category

The Orpheus Centre has been praised as “a good provider” of further education and skills by Ofsted in its latest report.Read more

Work Experience Opportunities

In the world of work there are endless opportunities available, it is just sourcing them. Here at Orpheus we help our students find a range of work experiences to prepare them for the real world.Read more

Orpheus - the Mythical

From the 23rd to 31st of March, Orpheus took to the stage to present a musical comedy of a Greek tragedy: Orpheus - the Mythcal.Read more


The Orpheus approach to transition is having the student at the centre of everything that we do...Read more

Volunteering at Orpheus

In the 20 years Orpheus has been running, volunteers have always played a vital role. Find out about the many ways our volunteers support us in this blog.Read more

Orpheus in 20 Years Time

Orpheus student, Frankie, tells us what our students think Orpheus might be doing in 20 years time in her new article.Read more