Orpheus Rocks Politics Review by Ann Lovelace

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Laurence Malpass past volunteer blog

Laurence Malpass was a young volunteer who worked with the Orpheus students some time ago. He wanted, and now works, in the music industry.Read more

Peter Pan Christmas show review by Ann Lovelace

A review of Peter Pan, Enter Neverland the Orpheus Christmas show 2018 by Ann LovelaceRead more

What I've learnt at Orpheus

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Freshers' Fair 2018

We welcomed our students back, along with our new students, with the annual Fresher's Fair.Read more

Summer Renovations

The summer of 2018 brought a lot of hard work and positive change for the Orpheus Centre. Read about all our updates here.Read more

Songs on the Sea Blog

Our alumni took to the sea to create music and break down barriers with the Jubilee Sailing TrustRead more

An Amazing Trip!

A review of Brief Encounters on Planet Rak by Ann Lovelace.Read more

Wellbeing Week 2018

From Monday 21 to Friday 25 May, the Orpheus Centre put on its first ever Wellbeing Week to bring to our students and staff lots different of positive well being strategies and methods.Read more

Awa's Graeae Work Experience

Since starting at Orpheus, Awa’s confidence and self-belief have flourished. These have only been strengthened by her internship at Graeae.Read more

Volunteering at Orpheus

In the 20 years Orpheus has been running, volunteers have always played a vital role. Find out about the many ways our volunteers support us in this blog.Read more

Orpheus in 20 Years Time

Orpheus student, Frankie, tells us what our students think Orpheus might be doing in 20 years time in her new article.Read more