I am living at home for now, after the house I was planning to move into fell through. I was a student at Orpheus for four years in total, I spent my first three years as a day student and then moved into my own flat for the last year. Unfortunately, this was cut short due to the pandemic.  

I enjoyed my time at Orpheus, especially taking part in all the shows. In Orpheus, the Mythical I played Mercury and got to meet Patricia Hodge. I also got to perform at The Other Palace and The O2.

I developed so many skills whilst I was a student, especially my focusing, cooking, and teaching, which is very helpful when I’m teaching people in choreography.  

I am now win contact with Tailfeather Dance every day, except Sundays, taking part in various workshops. I am also an Ambassador for Mencap and do videos and campaigns for them as well.  I hope soon I will be able to return to my dance assistant role at Tailfeather and my job at the hairdressers. I also love doing dances for TikTok and have over 50,000 followers!  

I still have contact with many of the students I met at Orpheus, due to my work with TailFeather. When people ask me about the Orpheus Centre, I say ‘it’s fabulous and magical!’ I miss all the people there.