Image of Orpheus student Andrew and Volunteer Steve, both sitting at a desk with a computer on it, Steve pointing to the screen and facing Andrew while explaining the video editing software that is on the screen

What is your name?

Steve Beal.

How did you hear about Orpheus?

From the Volunteer Centre in Caterham.

How long have you been volunteering?

Since Spring 2008.

What volunteer roles do you do at Orpheus?

Mainly session support on Film Making, but also occasionally Life Skills, Drama, Art or Creative Writing. I also have supported Orpheus at Open Days and External Events. In my early years, I spent some time on Reception and in the Development Office.

What do you most enjoy about Orpheus?

Working with the students and socialising with them at break time.

Do you have any special memories that stand out from volunteering at Orpheus?

Thanks to Orpheus, I have attended a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace and a Reception at the House Of Lords. Specific memories when on student work include being told by them that "you are one of us", being thanked by the parents of a blind student who was leaving for looking after her for several years, and a male student with Down's Syndrome who when he learned that I was going to have a hip replacement operation insisted on taking my arm to help me walk down the corridor. Also working with Residential Volunteers - young people from all over the world who used to be a regular feature of Orpheus Life.

If people ask you about Orpheus, what do you say about it?

It is a wonderful and diverse place. I feel very grateful for being allowed to spend my retirement years working with so many lovely and inspiring people whether students, staff or other volunteers. I may be tired after a day's work at the Centre, but I always go home feeling happy and looking forward to the next time.

Orpheus student Lauren and volunteer Steve, both standing at a counter in the life skills kitchen, Steve assisting Lauren who is adding bacon to bread rolls

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