On 17 February 2020 we welcomed around 60 employees of Gatwick Airport, Knights Brown, KeyMT, Millstone, Fernden Construction, Glendales and Pro Direct Surfacing. They took on a huge project to transform part of Orpheus ‘DIY SOS’ style.

  • They installed a new steel bridge over our stream, replacing the old bridge that was rotting. The bridge was donated to us free of charge.
  • Brand new tarmac was laid outside the student flats leading to a new set of steps with built in lights.
  • A tarmac path was laid leading to our oil tank to make it easier for deliveries and service.
  • New fencing was installed all the way from the centre down to the lake and a new gate was put in to restrict access at certain times.

All of this work was something we were hoping to do over the next year or so but they managed to get it all done in one day!

We are so grateful to all of the companies involved and all the generous people who gave up their time to share their valuable skills with us and take on this project.

The work they did will have such a huge impact here at Orpheus and has improved safety and accessibility for everyone at the centre.

If your company is interested in coming to Orpheus to volunteer for the day then just get in touch with Jack on [email protected]