My name is Charlotte Rowling.

I live at home with my parents, they are my main support although there are always people at the various activities I do who help, as well as teach me. I was a residential student at the Orpheus for nine years from 2006-2015. I loved my flat and kept it clean and tidy all the time. It was lovely living in the flat because I had my own home but there was someone there if I needed help. Sometimes it was hard in the morning because I don’t like mornings! The care staff helped me wake up on time then I wasn’t late for sessions. I loved doing the drama, singing, acting, writing songs and preforming in the shows. I am very good at art and performing so Orpheus was perfect.

I learned how to look after myself and to be more self-confident and how to work with people I didn’t know and to be able to work in a team. My best memories are all of it, the staff, the students, the place, I was very happy there. My favourite show was doing the first Orpheus the Mythical at the Royal Opera House.

I am very busy now so I have written down my week: on Mondays I go swimming; ice skating and stained glass class on Tuesdays; I attend Freewheelers dance and drama on Wednesdays; The Grange catering and art & textiles on Thursday; Fridays I attend Freewheelers music and then singing and violin lessons. Over the weekend I go horse riding and archery.

I am in touch with the Orpheus all the time they are always wanting my voice to sing to help with donations and support. I loved the Orpheus and tell everyone how lovely it was and how I wanted to stay. I have friends from there forever.