Making a simple will is usually a quick and easy process. Including a gift to a charity such as the Orpheus Centre is also straight forward. If you wish to change a will you have already made you can do this too - there is no need to make a brand new will. All you will need to do is create an document called a codicil which acts as an amendment to your existing will.

Types of Gifts 

There are three main ways of leaving a gift.

A share of your estate

Whether it’s 1% or 100% a share of your estate is a good way to leave a gift. It means that once any cash or specific gifts have been paid, the charity would receive a percentage of your remaining estate.

An amount of money

A fixed amount of money of your choosing. Any amount big or small would make such a difference, there is no minimum or maximum amount, it really is up to you.

An item of value

You could choose to leave a specific item to Orpheus such as jewellery, a painting or musical instrument. We would then arrange for the item to either be used or valued and then sold to raise funds. 

What wording should by used? 

By including our charity name and number exactly this way, you are ensuring that your gift will find its way to us in the way you intend.

I give a.....percent share of the residue of my estate to the Orpheus Centre (Registered Charity number 1105213), North Park Lane, Godstone, Surrey, RH9 8ND.

I give to the Orpheus Centre (Registered Charity number 1105213), North Park Lane, Godstone, Surrey, RH9 8ND the sum of [amount in figures and words].

Using a Solicitor

We would strongly recommend using a solicitor to draw up your will. A correctly written will is important and will give you peace of mind, knowing that your wishes are known and correctly recorded. You can find details of solicitors local to you by contacting the Law Society.

Here at Orpheus, we’ve teamed up with McClure Solicitors to offer our supporters the opportunity to make or review your will for free. All that we ask is you consider making a donation to our work in return for your free will. Find out more about our free will writing scheme.

You may find it helpful to refer to our FAQs page to help you when planning your will.

Every gift, in every will, makes a difference to the vital work of Orpheus. So when the time is right for you to make your will, please remember Orpheus.

Contact us

Contact Sarah Greenwood, Legacy Fundraiser for more information:

Telephone: 01883 744664
Email: [email protected]

Remember, there can be more than one family in your Will; future families needing the support of the Orpheus Centre.