Safeguarding at Orpheus

The Orpheus Centre and all of its operations recognise their responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all involved in Orpheus activities. The protection of adults at risk is a priority and safeguarding is seen to be the duty of all staff and trustees.

The Orpheus Centre works with young people between 18 and 25 who have a range of learning disabilities and/or difficulties, physical impairments or sensory impairments.

Working with adults at risk within this age group requires staff members to adhere to the Safeguarding and Safer Recruitment Policy. All staff members receive induction and regular Safeguarding training.

The Orpheus Centre strives to maintain a transparent and open culture where everyone feels safe and able to share concerns. Concerns relating to safeguarding are always listened to and taken seriously.

We strive also to enable our service users/students/tenants to develop their understanding of keeping safe.

We work in partnership with key agencies involved, to ensure the best possible provisions and outcomes in relation to safeguarding.

The Orpheus Centre is committed to providing a safe, supportive environment for all. The Orpheus Centre commitment includes:

  • To take the role of safeguarding and safer recruitment and the protection of adults at risk and children very seriously
  • To ensure all safeguarding matters are investigated following policy and appropriately reported/referred

To achieve this, Orpheus will:

  • Ensure staff members are fully aware that safeguarding is a key responsibility
  • Have an appointed Safeguarding Lead.
  • Ensure Senior Managers support the safeguarding lead as appropriate.
  • Provide mandatory safeguarding and safer recruitment training to all staff members irrespective of the person’s role.

To achieve this, all staff members will:

  • Take the Safeguarding and Safer Recruitment Policy and commitment seriously
  • Contribute to a safe, supportive caring environment for all.
  • Attend and complete mandatory safeguarding training

Visitors/Contractors will:

  • Take Orpheus policy and commitment to safeguarding very seriously
  • Sign in and out at the main reception and wear visitors’ ID badges at all times
  • Never keep concerns about the safety of anyone to yourself
  • Not spend time alone with our service users/students/tenants
  • Not have any physical contact with our service users/students/tenants
  • Not exchange any personal contact details with our service users/students/tenants
  • Not offer gifts, lend or borrow from our service users/students/tenants

Orpheus Centre managers and staff members are responsible for implementing the Safeguarding and Safer Recruitment Policy. The Senior Management Team is responsible for ensuring that all safeguarding issues are properly followed up and reported as required.

The Orpheus Centre’s Trustee safeguarding lead is Dr John Beer and the the operational lead for Safeguarding is Chloe Smith – Principal. The safeguarding deputies are Sam Owen, Chloe Smith, Moira Lambert, Chris Lammin, Kitty Clark and Michael Davern, supported by Rachel Black who also has oversight of the safeguarding process.

You can read our Safeguarding Adults At Risk Policy Here. 

If you have any concerns regarding safeguarding at Orpheus, please contact us at [email protected]