Where Are They Now? Harry Phillips

I now live in a supported living home in Caterham. I was a student at Orpheus for two years. I spent my first year as a day student and the other as a resident. I had my own flat which I loved.

One of the things I enjoyed most during my time was meeting my girlfriend Catherine and performing for famous people! I have a few memories that really standout such as meeting Judi Dench and of course Richard Stilgoe.

I developed many skills at Orpheus, the most important for me was learning to live in supported living and be as independent as possible.

I play football for Sutton United which I really enjoy. I also attend Jay’s Savvy which is a drama group and recently created a scene with Andre Trotter as I am her assistant director!

I still have a lot to do with Orpheus and have many friends from my time there. I am currently in the process of becoming an ambassador for Orpheus.

If people ask me about Orpheus I always say there is no other place like Orpheus in the world. You will meet people that will help and support you with your future and even some famous people!