Orpheus offers a unique curriculum; our innovative and exciting programme allows students to move forward in their desire to be independent and sustains their passion for the performing arts.

Through our personalised study programmes we deliver qualifications in the arts and independence to enable students to have the opportunity to contribute to their local community and to work in performance and associated employment. 

We offer a range of qualifications working with awarding bodies such as Ascentis, Trinity College, LAMDA and the London College of Music as well as offering bespoke programmes to meet students’ needs. We encourage students to try out different subjects but we also stretch and challenge them to achieve more by supporting them to specialise in areas where they have a specific interest and aptitude. Qualifications that we currently offer at Orpheus include:

  • Functional Skills and QCF Maths (Ascentis)
  • Functional Skills English and QCF (Ascentis)
  • Functional Skills ICT (Ascentis)
  • Arts Award (Trinity college)
  • Compose and Perform (Drake Music)
  • Music technology (Gateway Qualifications)
  • Vocational Studies (Gateway Qualifications)
  • Skills for Active Learning
  • Hospitality and Catering (Gateway Qualifications)
  • Creative Media Industries (Gateway Qualifications)
  • Art and Design (Gateway Qualifications)
  • Life and Living Skills (OCR)
  • Music Theatre Performance (London College of Music Grades 1-8)
  • Professional Performance Practice Introductory certificates (LAMDA)
  • Award and Certificate in communication (LAMDA)
  • RARPA (recognising and recording or progress and achievement)

We will provide a programme up to three years that moves students forward with the eventual outcome being a young adult moving into their own supported or shared housing with the infrastructure around to support them in their social activities, friendships, work and health needs.  We will continue to support young people for a minimum of six months after they move out of Orpheus and ensure their transition is smooth and appropriate.

You can find out more information on the curriculum by attending an Information Morning at Orpheus.