Student Zone

The winter production 2017 was Around the World in 80 Days. The show was a resounding success and enjoyed by all, thanks to the hard work of our students and staff. Here are some of the students' reflections.

Harry P.

I played lots of different parts in Around the World in Eighty Days for the last Christmas show 2017.

Andrew Stuart was the character I played in the London reform club.

I played an evil bandit and faced Fix in a stage combat fight on the train in America. It made me feel happy as I haven’t been a bad character for a long time.

I also played a funeral procession in India. I had to stand around a dead body and pray!

I also played an opium den host in Hong Kong. He was a sneaky character that ordered his staff to drug Passepartout when told to by Fix. I spoke in a different accent.

Finally I played a clown in the circus scene that was in Japan.


When we first started doing this play “Around The World In 80 Days”, I was feeling quite anxious that I was going to be the main character, Phileas Fogg. But after a few months and sessions of practising and rehearsing my lines, I felt more confident that being the main character means a lot to that specific person (in this case, it was me).

And the costume that I was in was very unique and it made me look like a rich gentleman because the pocket-watch, top hat, shirt and dark black cloak-coat. My favourite parts of the show were the circus scene and the reform club scene. When all of us students finished the finale show, I felt really proud of myself for being the main character in the actual show. This also takes my leadership skills to the next level of confidence.


During our performance of “Around The World In 80 Days” I was a part of the student orchestra.

Doing this was certainly interesting, as this was the first time that I had participated in something like this.

It was really pleasant working with multiple people, as we could all use our musical knowledge to contribute to the creative process and create something truly unique, and come together as a cohesive unit when playing live.

Harry H.

I made the dead body for the show, it was made up of tied up rope, we put it in a shroud. The shroud was in the funeral scene.

I made a cigar and lots of props for the show.

After the show we asked the audience for feedback. They loved the performance, they thought the model of the world was excellent and all of the students did an amazing the students did an amazing job.