Daily Kit

Your identity badge
Your diary - completed at the end of each session
Pencil case with pens, pencils, colouring pencils, ruler, eraser and sharpener
Notepad, A4 Ring binder folder
A suitable bag

Mobile phones should be turned off at all times during sessions and are not to be used in
the learning rooms unless directed by your tutor.
If you need to have your phone switched on and take an urgent or important call this must
be discussed and approved by your tutor at the beginning of a session.

Please refer to the full Learner Kit List in your enrolment pack for more information.

Dress Code

Please wear clothing that is suitable for your course and please wear sensible footwear. Please remember that we have many open spaces and coats and jackets are sometimes needed to be worn when you move around the college between sessions. Appropriate sports wear will be required to be worn when you use the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) and/or the outside gym.

Performance Blacks

These are professional clothes that you will wear for Company Day, for performances and outreaches. Performance blacks comprise of a black Orpheus T-Shirt, a black pair of trousers, black socks or tights and black shoes. Some items can be purchased through the Shop, or at Freshers Fair. We recommend two sets.

Visit the Orpheus Shop