Student Council

You are encouraged to share your thoughts and views on how Orpheus College could improve. You can volunteer to stand as a representative for your Majors group and meet with the CEO and Principal on a regular basis.

Representative on the Board of Trustees

We ask for learner representation for the Trustee Board meetings four times each year to represent all learners at Orpheus. This is a post that you can nominate yourself for as a learner council member and be voted for.

Student Surveys

We ask for your feedback throughout the academic year to reflect on teaching and learning, resources, and well-being to constantly consider how we can improve Orpheus College for you.

Student Arts Council

You can apply to join the Orpheus Art Council. We meet regularly throughout the year to choose the artwork we display at Orpheus, plan for future art projects for exhibition and commission new artwork from Orpheus artists.

Student Wellbeing Forum

We ask for learner representation for our well-being forum. Every half-term well-being reps gather feedback from their tutor groups and discuss and share ideas about well-being and mental health in the well-being forum. With the SLT. The forum enables you to develop Orpheus well-being and mental health activities as part of our Healthy College Approach. LEARNER HOUSING AND CARE FORUM: You are welcome to join the forum as an opportunity to talk through any care-related issues you may have or to share new care ideas. As a tenant, you are invited to attend the forum to give an opportunity as a tenant to share good ideas and discuss any issues regarding your flat at Orpheus. This joint forum takes place once a term.