The Orpheus Remote Learning Offer

Whilst we recognise remote learning is very different to being on-site we strive to provide students with the best opportunity to continue their study programmes remotely. We know how important it is for our students to have the chance to continue to develop the necessary independence, communication and employment skills and behaviours to support their future plans.

We have had to place a number of restrictions and changes to our curriculum, to ensure that we keep everyone as safe as possible both onsite and remotely.

How is remote education being implemented at Orpheus?

On notification of a student requiring access remote learning, the following will apply:

  1. All students will have a timetable personal to their own study programme. This will follow a normal College day which is 9.30am – 4.30pm.
  2. The personalised remote learning plan will be ready to be implemented as and when required.
  3. Each student’s remote learning plan will be adapted and changed where necessary to support their access to remote learning.
  4. All students, parents/carers will be provided with contact details for support with remote learning.
  5. There will be opportunities for all students to participate in live virtual lessons daily including independent study with support easily signposted.
  6. We will use interactive tools, such as virtual boards to support learning.
  7. Wellbeing activities will be provided, with opportunity for independent choice and access.
  8. A weekly virtual live whole-college event will be timetabled.
  9. Weekly live group tutorials will support students in their participation with remote learning and ensure they understand the expectations of them.

What about qualifications?

We have a creative group of tutors here at Orpheus who will work with students individually to ensure:

  • Assessment opportunities are devised to allow for remote and live assessment. They may use recordings or videos/pictures for their assessments but will ask student for permission first. (We have had a virtual gig for assessment before!)
  • Regular check-ins with students to see if they are on track to achieve their qualifications.
  • All qualifications are virtual portfolio based so no examinations based assessments.

Expectations of students

  • We ask all of our students to try their best and let us know if we can do anything better.
  • We expect students to attend their live virtual sessions (unless they communicate a valid reason they are unable to).
  • We expect students to complete work set as requested and use support offered if required.
  • All students have a personal tutor and identified support staff that they can talk to if they are finding any of their remote learning plans challenging.

Expectations of Parents/Carers/PA’s

  • Encourage your student to communicate if they are feeling unwell or unable to participate in remote learning for any reason.
  • If supporting your student to participate in a live session, please be discreet and encourage your student to lead in participation. Please do not interrupt live sessions or communicate/question the tutor unless in extenuating circumstances or if requested to do so. If you would like to discuss approaches or concerns, please contact the tutor outside of the live sessions.

Therapies/Specialist Equipment and Resources

  • For students who receive therapies, these will continue virtually and be included in their remote learning plan.
  • If any student requires specialist equipment of resources to support them with remote learning, this will be supported and planned by our SENCo.

Review & Monitoring

We are always keen to receive any feedback or suggestions about how we are doing with our remote learning policy and where we could do better. A remote learning survey will be conducted termly for parents and students to complete.

Our remote learning lead is Chris Lammin. If you would like to share feedback or have any questions, you can contact Chris Lammin Via Email Here. 

You can read more about our Remote Learning in our Orpheus Adapts Blog Here! 

I really must pass on an enormous ‘thank you’ to everyone at Orpheus for continuing to keep us all cheerful and connected. Archie is absolutely loving all his Zoom activities - a godsend! Jo, Orpheus Parent