We have recently developed a five-year strategic plan to establish a new Arts Centre on our site here at Orpheus.  As part of this plan, we intend to create a Nature Trail which will provide valuable work experience opportunities for our students, as well as a source of income for our charity.  The trail will be open to the public and will be fully accessible, helping us to forge stronger links with our local community and providing a useful rest stop for those enjoying walks in the beautiful Surrey Hills. 

We envisage a stunning trail which will envelope you in an almost secret world like no other found in the Surrey Hills. With a warm drink in your hand and natural flower meadows at your feet, the sounds of birdsong and running water will transport you serenely through the trail.  With natural planting attracting butterflies and bees, we hope to participate in the National Gardens Scheme in future years. 

The Surrey Hills is an area of outstanding natural beauty and, with links to the hunting grounds of Henry VIII, it is increasingly popular with ramblers and historians alike.  We hope that the Orpheus Nature Trail will become an established link with other walking trails in the area.

We would be really interested to know what your think of our proposed plan and you can contact us via email at [email protected].