Christmas is fast approaching...

Make a note in your diary to visit this page again on 24 November, to learn more about the power of communication and to make a festive donation to support students to find their voice this Christmas.

For now, here's a few words from current Orpheus student, Megan.

“I often find it hard to talk. I know what I want to say but getting the words from my head out through my mouth is hard…they get stuck.

“I used to feel self-conscious about how I talked. Sometimes I felt as though I wouldn’t even bother to try. It’s really frustrating as I have a lot to say and I want to say it. So it’s annoying when people finish my sentences for me, or don’t give me the time I need to find my words.”

Donate via this page between 24th November and 8th December to give young adults like Megan the chance to be heard this Christmas.