How to become a trustee

The Orpheus Centre is seeking new trustees who share our vision of an inclusive world where young disabled people live independent and fulfilling lives. Read more

Neil White

Neil White sits on the Board of Trustees at the Orpheus Centre and leads our Estates Committee. Read more

Matthew Truelove

Matthew sits on the Board of Trustees at Orpheus, with a special responsibility for property matters. Read more

Tony Elias

Tony Elias has been an Orpheus trustee since inception and is the Centre's Treasurer. Read more

Russell Barrow

Russell Barrow joined the Board of Trustees in 2008. Read more

Richard Groom

Richard Groom currently sits on the Board of Orpheus Trustees, having previously stood as Chair. Read more

Helen Swain

Dr Helen Swain is the Vice-Chair of the Board of Orpheus Trustees, and has been on the Board for 14 years. Read more

Virginia Fenton

Virginia Fenton is a social care professional with a wealth of experience and has an interest in the performing arts. Read more

John Beer

John Beer has been on the Orpheus Board of Trustees for nine years, and Chair since 2015. Read more

Richard Stilgoe

Sir Richard Stilgoe founded the Orpheus Centre in 1997 and remains a trustee. Read more


Our Trustees sit on selected committees to help shape the future of the Orpheus Centre. Read more

Jane McSherry

Jane McSherry is our newest member and has first-hand experience of being a parent of an alumni of Orpheus Read more