Careers Leader

Career Guidance is centred around each student's own aspirations and needs. Information, advice and guidance is delivered by our level 7 qualified Career Adviser Paulette Russell and is both independent and impartial.

Paulette has recently come on board at Orpheus to support learners in making informed educational and career choices. Paulette has vast experience in providing Independent, Impartial CEIAG (Careers Education Information Advice & Guidance) in a multitude of settings e.g. Mainstream Schools/ Special School Settings/ 6th Form and FE College/Community providers. Her experience also extends to working with NEET and those at Risk of becoming NEET and other vulnerable young people. Paulette has worked for a variety of career services, including the National Career Service and ESF projects. Working collaboratively, Paulette has worked in partnership with a number of Key Professionals to help secure positive outcomes. For young people, such steps have allowed them to transition into employment, training and educational placements. Her skills extends to use of a variety of career software programmes and use of online tools to support the delivery of Careers Guidance interviews and increase LMI awareness.

Deploying a broad range of knowledge and skills, Paulette has been able to utilise a range of multimedia and other resources to gain the interest of learners and widen their horizons in terms of their thinking and career choices. By engaging young people in fun career related activities, Paulette has been able to make them aware of their opportunities and aspirational choices. By working with parents/guardians, Paulette believes it encourages greater involvement in their personal and career development, while keeping the young person at the heart of all matters.

Each learner will have the opportunity to participate in group work activities and invited for a one to one careers guidance interview which is individually tailored around their needs. Subsequent interviews can be requested via their tutor or contact with Paulette directly. Paulette is committed to ensuring that each learner is provided with information on the full range of education and training options available, including apprenticeships with a summary of guidance provided.

Paulette is a valuable asset to the Orpheus team and is enhancing the work of CEIAG locally.

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