Zoom is an application that enables webinar/video calling for meetings. It can be downloaded on a smart phone, iPad, laptop and desktop.
The app needs to access your microphone and camera so please allow this when prompted otherwise you will not be able to be heard or seen/hear or see. If your device doesn’t have either of these, you can use headphones with a plug in jack for audio.   
If you don’t wish to appear on the screen during the meeting, you can change your settings to allow audio access only if you prefer.
Please try to prepare questions for the meeting by reading documents sent prior to the meeting or email any questions to the Chair so that they can be answered during the call.

  1. Download the app Zoom Cloud Meeting on phone/iPad/Mac
  2. Or download www.zoom.us  if using a laptop/desktop
  3. Click the link in the email invite sent or from your calendar invitation or Join the meeting entering the meeting ID and password
  4. You will be held in a “waiting room” for security until the host allows you access to the “meeting room”
  5. A box with your image will open on the screen with audio (if selected)
  6. Microphones are very sensitive and pick up peripheral noise so be aware of pets, voices, TV, radio etc.. as this will cause feedback and disturbance