Terms and Conditions

By participating in the Orpheus Centre Christmas Auction, anyone who takes part “a Donor or a Bidder” will be deemed to have understood these Rules along with the Terms and Conditions and to be bound by them.

  1. Participation in the Auction

1.1 Participation in the auction will take place online.

1.2 Once the item is detailed online, bids will be taken for a specific period as announced online. The highest genuine bid received from any Bidder by the end of the Bid Period will secure the item. Where a Bid is successful, the Bidder will be sent an email by the Orpheus Centre to arrange payment.

1.3 If the Orpheus Centre is unable to make contact with the successful bidder within 48 hours of the Bid Period ending, the next highest bidder will be contacted and offered the lot as long as their bid was equal to or above the reserve price.

1.4 All Bidders must ensure that they are able to pay for any item on which they wish to bid for.

1.5 Payment for any Bid must be received by 18th December.

1.6 The items successfully bid for will not pass onto the bidder until payment for the item has been received by the Orpheus Centre.

1.7 Participants must be aged 18 years or over and have a valid bank account to transfer to the UK account of the Orpheus Centre or valid cheque by which to make payment.

1.8 The Orpheus Centre reserves the right to reject a donation, bid or purchase.

1.9 The Orpheus Centre shall not be responsible for any failure on behalf of any Participant whose bid is not received by the Rotary Club of Beaconsfield.

1.10 The highest bidder will only be successful if their bid meets the reserve for that item as detailed on the webpage.


  1. Donations of Auction Items

2.1 Any items donated to the auction will be given to the Orpheus Centre free of charge.

2.2 The Donor will only donate items for which they have ownership of or direct authority to donate.

2.3 Donors will provide the Orpheus Centre with an accurate description of the item and clear photos if applicable.

2.4 Donors will where possible arrange for the items to be delivered to the Orpheus Centre who will then arrange delivery of the item to the successful bidder. Where this is not possible the Orpheus Centre will arrange for a courier to pick up the item from the donor and deliver it to the successful bidder.