What does transition look like at Orpheus and how do we implement meeting the aspirations and needs of our students? 

  • Students have a personalised curriculum that supports their aspirations and keeps them at the centre of everything that we do. 
  • Students have access to work experience in the first two years of the three year programme at Orpheus, in order for them to explore their aspirations and develop vital employability skills and behaviours. 
  • In their final year at Orpheus, students may be able to access our supported internship programme, or work ready programme, that provides practical extended experience of the world of work in line with their transition plans. 
  • All students have access to their ‘Next Stage Planners’ which documents their journey and exploration of their future plans. They have access to personalised transition & impartial careers meetings, tutorials and visits to support community inclusion whilst working towards qualifications that support their progression. 
  • We explore transition using the Preparing for Adulthood framework/guidance and this allows the student to navigate key areas that supports their transition planning. 
  • Next Stage Events at the college that offer students and their families the opportunity to interact with exhibitors from all the Preparing For Adulthood areas
  • Housing, Employment, Health and Community based services from local and national levels.