Tyler joined Orpheus in September 2016. He lives in one of our fully accessible independent flats and has plastered the walls with posters of his favourite rock bands. Tyler loves wrestling and dreams of flying to America to watch WWE Wrestle Mania. When Tyler first started at Orpheus he felt “lost” but now he has developed firm friendships and grown in confidence to become an articulate ambassador for the Centre.   

What is most important to Tyler is that he is accepted for who he is and at Orpheus he can be. “It’s a really safe place where there are so many different types of students there’s no way that people can judge you for the type of person you are.”

Tyler is a keen Music Technology student and has provided technical support for a number of Orpheus performances, including a recent outreach to Woodfield School where Orpheus students visited and spent the week writing and rehearsing songs with Woodfield students, culminating in a public performance. He also provided technical support to a performance Orpheus students gave at a Wetwheels event – after overcoming his fears to take part in a wild and windy speedboat ride on a special accessible vessel!

Tyler told me, “Before coming here I hadn’t had the chance to do what I want to do.” Now, his aspiration of recording his own music someday seems within his grasp.


"When I first joined Orpheus I was very shy and fairly reluctant to interact with people. However, thanks to the support of the Domiciliary Care team I have been able to work on my confidence skills and now feel a lot more comfortable not only interacting with familiar people but with lots of different types of people in various different circumstances.

When I started, fair to say it was a bit of a shock to the system when I found out I had to do certain things such as pay my own bills and rent, I had to take on a new aspect of responsibility.

The Domiciliary Care team pushes you to go into potentially new and uncomfortable situations to push and develop your independence and confidence skills. They have encouraged me to take control of my own life, making telephone calls for myself (which is daunting as I have a stammer), booking gig tickets and making my own appointments, keeping on top of various household chores like laundry, shopping and tidying.

I strongly believe that being at Orpheus has changed my life for the better and the Dom Care team are certainly a big part of that. I look forward to using the skills I have developed here to help me make the most of the rest of my life."

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