Thessaly Theatre is a new social enterprise group made up of Orpheus alumni that delivers disability awareness workshops.

Please watch our introductory video above.

Thessaly Theatre uses interactive theatre and live performance to deliver disability awareness in a new and unique way. It also gives your colleagues, pupils or clients the opportunity to ask questions or have conversations they maybe wouldn't have in day to day life.

We celebrate ability, alongside talking about disability.

Thank you so, so much for such an inspirational, educational session... Everyone gained a huge amount from the sessions

When you partner with Orpheus you create a two-way relationship. Through our disability awareness days this comes to life as we feel we can give you something tangible back

If you'd like to arrange a disability awareness workshop or like to find out more, please contact Rachel (Thessaly Theatre director) at [email protected] or Jack (corporate partnerships) at [email protected].

The session made me challenge my own ignorance/naivety - it was very thought provoking and humbling.