We have introduced a range of therapies to complement the learning programme.

Counselling Services

A one to one Counselling service is available onsite to help individuals to cope with the challenges life has to offer.  It enables our learners to have a greater degree of self-awareness and understanding of themselves and others. This improves self-esteem, wellbeing and encourages individuals to build resilience.

Music Therapy

Students have the opportunity to participate in a discrete small group music therapy session.  Rather than teaching people to play the musical instruments, music therapy allows an individual the freedom to express their feelings through sounds, silences, gestures and words.  Our onsite music therapist facilitates communication and provides the space for students to acknowledge, release and explore often previously unexpressed feelings.  Through the use of co—improvised music, an alternative to the language of words is offered, which aims to develop and enable further communication, build self-esteem, and develop social interaction skills.

Speech and Language Therapy

We offer both group and individual speech and language therapy sessions.  This enables students to further develop their communication and social interaction skills whilst building self-esteem to fulfil their aspirations.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is available to students who require additional support to enhance their independence in tasks. Working with students, the occupational therapist will identify all necessary resources, equipment and technology to enable them to live productive and fulfilling lives.


Physiotherapy is available to students who require additional support to restore and maintain functional movement, reduce pain and promote health.

Mindfulness & Wellbeing Enrichment Activities and Workshops

We offer a range of activities and workshops that help students develop their communication and social skills.  Students can learn techniques to reduce stress and anxiety to improve their wellbeing and personal development.