There are a range of activities that students can take part in at Orpheus, such as weekly swimming trips, pilates, zumba dancing, off-site discos, social clubs, theatre, film and dinner trips, garden games, gym sessions, gardening and creative crafts. Students can suggest activities they would like to take part in.

There are also numerous events throughout the year, such as Outreaches, shows and Enterprise weeks.

Each year we hold Enterprise Week in which groups of students are given a budget of £100 and set the task of developing a business idea to become a successful project with profit in mind. The students have to do everything from planning to research to production to marketing and pitching, with sales being the ultimate measure of how good their business is. This week challenges students and allows them to develop new skills in organisation and business planning. There is always a buzz of creativity in this week, and a healthy measure of competition.

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