The Orpheus Centre is a registered charity and we depend upon donations to carry out our work, for example with big projects like our new kitchen.

We write to our individual donors once a year to ask them to support our work, as well as applying to a number of charitable trusts, foundations and companies for grants. We also hold special events like our audience with Dame Judi Dench held at Sir Richard Stilgoe’s home, Trevereux Manor, in the summer of 2016.

We are very fortunate to be the recipient of many donations from supporters in the local community and hold a number of challenge events each year that individuals can take part in and raise money for Orpheus.

Ordinarily, our own paid staff and volunteers will carry out any fundraising, but occasionally we do make use of third parties, for example in writing large grant applications to statutory bodies or foundations. For every £1 that we spent on fundraising this year we raised £5.50 towards our work supporting young disabled people on their journey to independence.