Orpheus-the Mythical DVD

The Making of Orpheus the Mythical 13 minutes

Orpheus the Mythical 1 hr 43 minutes

Never look back, all you will see

Is the World the way it used to be.

Lose yourself in a world of Greek myth with musical comedy Orpheus the Mythical.

The place is Hades, the time immemorial. Orpheus - legendary musician, guide to Jason and the Argonauts and friend of Ulysses and Hercules - has permission from the Gods to rescue his wife Euridice from eternal torment. There is only one condition - he mustn't look back.

Featuring students from the Orpheus Centre and Arts Educational, this heartfelt and hilarious musical recorded at an inclusive performance at The Other Palace in March 2018 is one not to miss.

Also available to stream and download at Vimeo.