“Polly joined the team last year and, to be honest, if I lost her I would be devastated” says Jeanine, Hair Design Manager and Lingfield Chamber of Commerce Chairman.

Jeanine had never considered offering work experience to a young disabled adult, but when the opportunity presented itself to her she decided to take on Polly, a recent graduate of the Orpheus Centre. Polly is responsible for various duties that need carried out in the salon, such as greeting clients, cleaning brushes, making tea and coffee and buying milk from the corner shop. She is keen to gain more responsibility, and with each task she masters Jeanine happily offers her new challenges.

Polly loves working at Hair Design and now works two mornings per week after requesting more hours. She said “I love getting better at the tasks I am given to do each day and I have loved getting to know the hairdressers and clients. I like seeing their smiling faces looking back at me in the mirrors!”

Jeanine was so impressed with Polly’s hard work, enthusiasm and determination that she has now taken her on as a paid employee. Following the success she has found with hiring Polly she has recently begun offering work experience to two more young disabled adults and she is extremely keen for other companies to do the same because “everyone needs a Polly!”

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