We offer a range of services to support service users’ physical, medical and emotional needs. Our team can support service users with all aspects of daily life such as personal care, menu planning, laundry and shopping. We will find out what is important to service users in their life and help them to achieve their goals.

Our services include:

Personal care

  • Support with washing, bathing and showering
  • Support toileting with continence management
  • Support with dressing and undressing, getting up and going to bed
  • Support with personal grooming including skin care, hair care and teeth
  • Support with medication
  • Support with medical care where appropriate
  • Support with nutrition, including support to eat and drink
  • Night monitoring service
  • Day monitoring service
  • Emotional support

Social support

  • Support to manage relationships, including keeping in touch with friends and relatives
  • Support with correspondence and e-mails
  • Assistance with planning leisure activities
  • Support attending leisure activities

Life skills support

  • Support with cleaning and housework
  • Support with laundry and ironing
  • Support with menu planning and shopping and storing food items
  • Support with food preparation
  • Assistance with paying bills
  • Support to manage a household budget

Although we don’t employ nurses or physiotherapists, staff members are trained to deliver medication and support with health appointments and regimes. However they can’t carry out tasks that require qualified nurse training such as giving injections or dressing wounds. Some tasks which are borderline nursing tasks such as changing ileostomy bags may be carried out after training or guidance from a District Nurse or other qualified person.

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