Our Georgia was lucky enough to get a place at Orpheus in September. She has blossomed in this time, living in her own self-contained flat.

My family have been amazed how confident she has become just in this short time participating in the Orpheus productions. They simply have you laughing and crying at how well these young people are doing.

The Centre is twenty years old, which shows the need for and success of empowering young adults with disabilities. Teaching the performing arts - music, art, dance, creativity - can rapidly boost any young adults’ self esteem. I hope The Orpheus Centre's continued success will be a model for mainstream education in the future.

Other reasons I'm doing it, well I always wanted to tackle a fire walk and Georgia is very keen to watch me and join in with the Orpheus Fire Festival on March 2nd.

Please show your support and give me an incentive to complete a “walk of fire”! Thank you!

Gillian Fitzsimmons