Having not challenged my phobias for a while, I have chosen to combine my occasional bloody-minded defiance of fear, with social responsibility. So - on the 8th September, I will be found dangling in mid air at 262ft above London's Olympic Park from the ArcelorMittal Orbit - "the UK’s highest free fall abseil".

Apart from proving that I can feel the fear and do it anyway (without the need for Tena Ladies, or cellotape to stop my glasses from shaking off), my objective is to reach terra-firma and raise money for The Orpheus Centre in Godstone. This is a wonderful charity based locally, which supports young disabled people to achieve independent living, as well as confidence through the medium of performing arts. My engagement with this charity has always left me feeling uplifted and inspired by what is possible.

Please help me raise money for The Orpheus Centre (it will admittedly be through emotional blackmail)

Sonja Angel