Since I started working at Orpheus in December, not a day has gone by that I haven't been inspired by its work. As you probably already know by the amount I go on about it, the Orpheus Centre is an independent specialist college in Godstone which focuses on maximising independence skills for young disabled adults through the performing arts. Besides working as the community fundraiser, I also volunteer in the drama department. Being able to work alongside such talented, amazing and caring individuals that our students are has been an honour, and makes my work fundraising for them that much easier!

With the mix of working in the fundraising department and seeing our work in action, I know how vital the funds we and our amazing supporters raise really are. We are constantly pushing the boundaries, being innovative and setting new goals - for example our barn refurbishment project and outdoor gym and Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) project. Right now our barn lights are old, inefficient and inaccessible. To change the position or colour, you have to go up a ladder, which isn't very useful for some of our students who are wheelchair users. By changing the lights to electronic LEDs, they be able to be controlled remotely and we will be using the same technologies as many theatres use, allowing our students dreaming of being lighting designers reach their goals. Our new MUGA will not only benefit our students physical health, but their mental health as well, giving them a space to do some exercise, get some fresh air and interact with each other and the community. These are just two of the great things we are fundraising for right now, and it is absolutely true that every donation, no matter how small, goes towards amazing things.

I can't stress how much the Orpheus Centre does for its students, and how much they have done for me. That's why I am challenging myself to go out of my comfort zone, do something I haven't done before and make them proud.

Thank you for all your support!

Abigail Nelson