Step into a world of pure imagination where the students at Orpheus take you into strange new worlds, whether that’s under the sea, on land, or in outer space.

Company Two proudly presents What If and Other Stories, a virtual event, which has been created, directed, and performed by the students.

Commissioned by Diverse City, as part of their Connecting Communities programme, Orpheus artists were asked to create work that explores what people are capable of: how often do we put people in ‘boxes’? How often do we underestimate what people can do?

The students in the Drama, Music, Film, Dance and Production groups chose a box of stories and will be recreating them for your entertainment.

Come with us and discover new stories whilst supporting the hard work the students have put into this brand new show.

If you're unable to watch on the day, you can still purchase a ticket and the episodes will be made available for you to watch at a later date.

Links will be sent via your confirmation email. Please follow the links below to purchase the episodes you wish to watch. 

You can book individual episodes for £5 each, or a group ticket containing all five episodes for £20.

Episode 1 - Monday 8 July at 2 pm

Episode 2 - Tuesday 9 July at 2 pm

Episode 3 - Wednesday 10 July at 2 pm

Episode 4 - Thursday 11 July at 2 pm

Episode 5 - Friday 12 July at 2 pm

All Episodes

If you don’t receive the confirmation or link please let us know by emailing [email protected]