Refurbishment of the Barn Studio 

The Orpheus Centre plans to refurbish and upgrade the equipment in our recording studio and barn theatre at a cost of £195,000.

As a performing arts college, our recording studio and barn theatre are integral teaching spaces; however, the studio has not been refurbished in over ten years.  If the recording studio and barn theatre are not upgraded now, the students will fall behind in training in industry level technology. 

The Barn Theatre and recording studio building at Orpheus is a mixed use space comprising three different areas, each of which is in need of upgrading. The recording studio space needs to be altered to better suit the needs of our learners.  As well as upgrading the technical equipment, the space needs to be made more accessible for our wheelchair users. 

The lighting in the barn theatre is in urgent need of replacement as the house lights and working lights are in poor condition.  The existing house lights are repurposed garden flood lights and not designed for use as house lights, Many are broken beyond repair.  The existing theatrical lighting rig is very old with broken fixtures.  The lights are no longer produced making spares difficult to source.  The lights themselves are inaccessible for many of our students with mobility issues.  We need to replace the lights with an LED lighting systems which will be safer and easier to use and energy efficient.  We also need to replace the audio systems to something more efficient in the digital age.