Moving on from Orpheus is a time of change for everyone involved: the college staff, the parents and chiefly the student.

The Orpheus approach to this transition is having the student at the centre of everything that we do. We have a personalised and tailored approach that mirrors the aspirations of the student.  The Student is involved in their next stage from the Orpheus, we provide them with a spotlight on their future.  

We hold a transition event called ‘The Next Stage’ at the College that will allow parents and students to explore all aspects of their transition including employment, education, training, volunteering, housing and independent living, community inclusion and health. This event will allow students the freedom to choose the elements that will forge their future thus promoting choice. 

A ‘My Life Plan’ will have been created and completed that reflects each of the Preparing for Adulthood key elements, this will act as a reference tool for the students transitional experience when they move-on to their new home. If you have a business/charity that you believe would be beneficial for our students/families of students to know about and would like to take part in our The Next Stage event, please contact Martin at Martin[email protected]

All departments within the college work very closely together to ensure that the transition from the college happens as seamless as possible, this will include working with housing and move-on, liaising with the new support provider and meeting with social workers to ensure that we have a co-ordinated approach.

We are currently working on the Orpheus Supported Internship Programme (OSIP), this aims to offer students a programme that allows them to explore a chosen area of employment over a prolonged period, the end goal is to look at sustainable paid employment.

Orpheus has a dedicated team that are all committed to the students we work with. 

May 2021