One Volunteer’s Initiative

I’m sure that we have all heard of the loss in revenue suffered by charities through Covid. I volunteer in the marketing and fundraising department at Orpheus so see first-hand the hard work carried out by the team. It has been, on the one hand, heart breaking to see their plans cancelled at the beginning of 2020, but inspiring, on the other, to witness the imaginative fundraising initiatives instigated in lockdown and the following months.

For some time I have been toying with the idea of paying a gardener or gardening enthusiast to help me with my garden. Digging and weeding aren’t a problem, but the finer points of pruning are gleaned from the internet with varying degrees of success. I hit upon the idea of posting a request on Facebook (through which I am linked to local groups) for help in exchange for a £50 donation to Orpheus. To my delight Geoffrey Broom, a gardener from Horley who has a number of clients in the Oxted/Limpsfield area immediately offered his assistance. In 2019 Geoffrey won first prize for the best residential front garden category, Horley Garden in Bloom, so l struck gold with Geoffrey!

Following the easing of restrictions post lockdown Geoffrey visited my garden and gave me fantastic advice on when and how to prune. Best of all however, it gave both Geoffrey and myself a chance to do something good for charity, and in this case, Orpheus. It was a win for all concerned I think. And, even better, by holding off making my donation until ‘Giving week’ in December, where donations were doubled, and together with the tax allowance, my initial £50 grew to £112. So from small seeds…..

Perhaps others reading this piece might think of their own initiatives and in a small but collective manner we might make a big difference to Orpheus and the students.

Below are pictures of Geoffrey receiving his award, and my garden looking colourful, but in need of a good prune in places!