Orpheus Politics in the round

Once again, Orpheus took its audience on an unforgettable journey. From the moment of entering The Barn on February 15th to see the culmination of the students’ Intensive Week, we knew we were in for something special. Round tables filled the space allowing us to be part of an experience coming to us from all directions. The walls were decorated with arresting art work in red and black displaying political messages in the widest sense of the word. Social issues that the students felt strongly about were highlighted, such as education, health and disability.  

Those same issues were then brought to life dynamically through the spoken word, music and film, each affording the opportunity for students not only to show their creative skills, but to pass on what they had learned and what was important to them personally. The messages came over with strength, sincerity and originality.  For each new feature, the audience had to turn to face another direction. This gave extra power, making sure there was no time to sit back and be complacent. Although the messages were strong, the seriousness was counter-balanced with humour and imagination.

In our present climate of Brexit bickering, it was refreshing to be brought back to basics and be reminded of the many things which have had to take a back seat and it is so encouraging to see young people flying the flag for justice and compassion. The artistically- printed programme contained the words and uplifting messages from the show, allowing the audience to take away and savour what was seen and heard.  Huge thanks and congratulations must go to students and staff for a truly memorable evening.       

By Ann Lovelace