Orpheus student, Frankie, tells us what our students think Orpheus might be doing in 20 years in her new article, Orpheus in 20 Years Time.

While we have been remembering all about the last 20 years at Orpheus, we have also been looking forward to what might happen to Orpheus in the next 20 years.

All sorts of weird and great ideas have come up, but here are some of the ideas that came out across the college.

It was discussed that the college could get an all-purpose multi use performing arts centre in one of the barns in the car park, here are some of the ideas that the space could be used for:

  • An indoor swimming pool with a sensory room on the side for recreational purposes and help with the wellbeing of the students without them having to travel off site.
  • A larger recording studio to give students more space to move around and more advanced technology, this could also be hired out to local artists to come and record and give talks to the students. This could include the facilities to have an Orpheus radio station run by the students.
  • It was mentioned that the film tutors' class has become more demanding so a multipurpose film studio would be desirable.
  • For performing artists to showcase their work there was an idea of that space could be used for dance, drama, sports activities and when it’s not in use for that it could be turned in to an art gallery open to the general public to show case the students' work.
  • Lastly the students thought it would be nice to make the space into a small theatre to take over from the already existing barn which currently cannot hold enough space for the ever growing audience. The new space would have enough room to seat up to 250 people at any one time meaning the college would only need to put on one or two shows.

Another idea was to have a sensory garden to get the students outside more, learning more about the grounds and space around the college and it would act as a safe place for the students to come and relax and explore for themselves.


Frankie Herman, Journalism, Summer 2018