In early April we held an information talk here at Orpheus for our staff and volunteers to come and learn more about how a free will, or will review might be right for them.

Steve from McClure Solicitors (an award winning solicitor firm who offer the scheme) talked about the free will offer they are currently running with Orpheus. He talked about what a will is and also gave an introduction about the process of what happens with a will after death. He focused on the importance of a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and how, through McClure Solicitors, our staff and supporters could also make an LPA at a special discounted rate.  

The feedback we received was very positive indeed, as you can see:

A crucial benefit for staff and a way to raise funds for Orpheus’ Rachel Hayes, HR Manager


I found the talk very informative in a comfortable environment – Steve was really down to earth and easy to understand. The free will service is a fantastic opportunity to do something incredibly important. Nicky, Fundraiser

As well as:

Writing my will helped me to think about the things in my life that are really important to me, like music. The Free Will Service made it so easy. They are really flexible – they will come to your home or you can even do it all over the phone. They helped me think about gifts to my family, but also continuing support for my favourite charity. It makes me happy to think about the lives it will change for the better. Moira Lambert, Director of Development

And this offer is open to all our supporters, friends, families as well as the local Orpheus community. So if you are interested in this offer please do find out more here, or contact me [email protected]

Or visit

Here at Orpheus, we’ve teamed up with McClure Solicitors to offer our supporters the opportunity to make or review your will for free. All that we ask is you consider making a one-off donation to our work in return for your free will.