Orpheus has been developing its Music Technology course over the last few years and it is now in its second year as an accredited qualification through Gateway Qualifications. On the course, students learn how to set up and run a recording studio, developing a wide range of practical skills such as setting up microphones. Another key part of the course is for students to research the jobs available to them in the music industry and the skills they need to be successful. Students learn how to operate professional standard digital audio workstations such as Pro Tools, learning skills such as mixing and mastering. Throughout the course students learn how to use this equipment safely and also how to work with each other safely in the studio. The course supports students to develop a wide range of employability skills such as teamwork, self-reflection and communication skills.

Not only does Music Technology support the development of students’ employability skills, but it also develops their social skills. Students have to communicate constantly when in the studio and develop their initiative and problem-solving skills. These skills can be transferred to their everyday life within their flats, directing support or travelling in the community.

Due to the success and professional attitude demonstrated by students on this course, students now have access to work experience placements for:

  • Orpheus performances
  • External recording sessions in our recording studio
  • Concerts at Orpheus and other local schools
  • External musicians accessing the Orpheus recording studio
  • Award ceremonies

We hope that through this course students will be able to move on to finding work within the technical aspects of the music industry, working in recording studios or in theatres providing live sound support.

We are currently fundraising to upgrade our lighting and sound equipment in our Barn Theatre and Recording Studio in order to make the spaces more accessible to better suit the needs of our learners. Check out this video to see Tyler, one of the music technology students, explaining the need for this upgrade:

Here are some pictures of the technology group recording our newly formed student band, supporting an outreach with Woodfield School and providing technical support for our carol concert in December 2017.

Chris Lammin – Curriculum Leader and Music Technology Tutor