As you may be aware, our brand new COIN group started this term. The group supports those in the college who need additional support with communication and social interaction. The group have got off to a wonderful start and would like to introduce their new title - APOLLO!

We chose the name Apollo for the group because of the link between Apollo and Orpheus in Greek mythology.  It was the god Apollo who taught Orpheus how to play the lyre when he was an adolescent.  We also liked the name Apollo because like the space crafts in the Apollo missions, our learners are shooting for the moon. 

The Apollo group have quickly become a real asset to the college with their skills, talents, personalities and vibrancy. Apollo students have been studying a variety of subjects including, Arts award where they have been exploring and participating in different Art disciplines, Independent Living, English and Maths as well as joining in with various disciplines on company day, preparing for our end of term show.

The first half term has seen Apollo flourish and truly reach for the stars! We look forward to their onward journey....

Content by Laura Davies, Deputy Head of Learning & Liz Simpson Communication and Social Interaction Tutor