Cameron has been song writing since he was thirteen but only started making music in the last two years.  The first song he actually solo recorded was ‘Lauren's Song’ a ballad to his girlfriend.  His ideas generally derive through improvisation on the keyboard and listening to other pieces of music of the same ambient genre like artist ‘Startle the Heavens.’

His interest in the ambient genre became more focussed after working on a project here at Orpheus for our annual Enterprise week. Cameron and his team created and recorded meditation CDs within a one week timeframe that were then all successfully sold at the end of the week. 

More recently he has been experimenting with other genres, such as "the unexpected punk genre" to, in his words, “get stuff off my chest and to be as open as possible to the world.”  He’s looking for other musicians to accompany him and then will get it out on his SoundCloud page.

Cameron believes to work in the music industry you have to respect it in its entirety so listens to very varied genres for inspiration.

What Cameron would like to achieve is showing people "there is beauty in us all."  He wants “people who constantly doubt themselves to look in the mirror and say I am who I am and that should make you happy (sic).”

So what does life after Orpheus look like for Cameron? He would like to move abroad and get a job in retail selling CDs and DVDs and carry on with his passion, making music.

Support Cameron and listen to his music, he can be found on SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.


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