Student Zone

Review by Ann Lovelace - Orpheus volunteer

After weeks of hard work and rehearsals in gruelling heat, it was time for Blast off! And what a blast the result was! The amazing Orpheus summer production, based on the students’ imagination and the skills of their tutors, took its audiences on a unique trip to a planet with five very different zones.   We travelled with Chuck Base and his crew on their space mission and were met and entertained by punk clowns, self-obsessed egomaniacs, mindful gurus, an operatic government and the evil forces of the Forbidden Zone. This created world was used to represent theatrically the students’ reflections on society in the real world of today.  

The bringing together of so many branches of the performing arts both on and off stage was hugely impressive. The cleverly-choreographed dance group, who set the scene and whose role played a pivotal part throughout, danced beautifully.  Both they and the actors showed an extremely high level of professionalism in their performances. They were backed by the wonderfully creative input of the music and soundscapes, the costumes, the art, design and technology all playing their part in carrying off this spectacular, thought-provoking and highly enjoyable production.  

Director Eddie Dyja told us to be prepared to boldly go where no Orpheus Show has ever gone. This we did. He was not wrong! Congratulations to him and everyone involved.