How we do it

Our study programmes provide students with the vital skills needed to function independently and to interact and contribute to their local community. Read more

Personal Development

Students regularly review their progress and identify what they need to do to improve their work. Read more

Moving On

Transition at Orpheus is very special, beginning when students attend assessment and continuing throughout the time they are with us and beyond. Read more

Supported Internships

Our curriculum is designed to promote the skills needed for work. Read more

Preparing for Adulthood

At Orpheus, we provide impartial advice, guidance and support to empower you to make decisions about your education and future. Read more

Vocational Studies

To build on their employabilty skills and explore areas that will guide them to independence, students can study sector specific areas. Read more

Life & Independence Skills

Orpheus teaches life and independence skills that allow students to develop skills they can use in everyday situations in the community. Read more

Arts and Music Programmes

Students study the arts to acquire the freedom to express themselves and develop the confidence needed to succeed in independent living. Read more

Maths, English and ICT

At Orpheus we use every opportunity to teach English, Maths and ICT in a functional and everyday context. Read more