Join Team Orpheus

1) Fund-Raising (£50 deposit and fundraise £1000 payable to Orpheus 6 weeks prior to your wing walk) This covers the cost of the challenge (£435) and raises an additional £565 for Orpheus.

2) Self-Funded rate (£50 deposit plus the cost (£435) payable 6 weeks prior to the wing walk) and then 100% of other funds raised will go directly to Orpheus.

What happens on the day?

The whole experience should take about 90 minutes. Before your flight, the team will provide a comprehensive ground and safety briefing, and you will need to sign a fitness/waiver declaration. Once strapped into the five-point harness, you will take off for a 10-minute ultimate experience that will include zooms and climbs at speeds up to 130mph and passes near to friends and family.

Who can do it?

Wing Walkers must be over 18 years old; you must be between 5 and 6ft tall (1.52-1.83m) and weigh less than 12 stone (77kg). You also need to be agile enough to climb up to the top wing of the aircraft (around 10 feet).

Please note:

If you are aged 66-75 you will need to provide a medical letter from your doctor to be able to take part.

For more information and/or to take part: email [email protected] or call 01883 741416. 


Booking for this event has now closed.