We are hosting a fundraising collection of GOOD QUALITY unwanted clothes, household textiles and equipment at the centre 7-9 December 2020.

You can drop off your donations safely from your car to The Orpheus Centre, North Park Lane, Godstone RH9 8ND at these times ONLY or you may hinder the movement and access of our disabled students.

Monday 7 December 7.30-8.30am

Tuesday 8 December 11-1pm

Wednesday 9 December 5-6pm

 WE CAN ACCEPT THESE 'GOOD QUALITY', CLEAN ITEMS FOR REUSE  (in strong, loosely tied bin bags)

  • Men’s, Ladies’ and Children’s clothing
  • Paired shoes (bound together)
  • Handbags, Hats, Bags, Scarves and Ties
  • Lingerie, socks and belts
  • Soft toys, Household linen, curtains, towels
  • Bedsheets, pillow cases, duvet covers
  • Good condition books *(recently added item)


Jewellery, cameras, phones, games & consoles, coins and stamps. These can be old, new, working, broken and real or junk jewellery.


  • Duvets, blankets, pillows, cushions, carpets, mattresses
  • Rugs, mats (including bathroom mats)
  • Soiled, painted, ripped or wet clothing
  • School uniforms. corporate or workwear
  • Textile off cuts, yarns or threaded material
  • Printers / computers

Call Beverley on 01883 744 664 or email [email protected] for more information.