"People with Dyspraxia have a good personality, good humour and are positive." (student Ollie).  It's so true. Ollie is a friendly and affable young man, always happy to stop for a chat or a joke. Ollie takes pride in rising to a challenge and often surprises himself.

Ollie has dyspraxia tendencies and learning difficulties attributed to this. Although at the start he had no experience of living independently and struggled with communication and interaction today, two years on, Ollie is living in his own flat, organising his own personal assistants and doing his own shopping each week.  Living on site in the Orpheus Centre’s supported housing has meant that Ollie has been able to put into practice the skills he has learnt during the day in class. He can sort and put his own washing on and with support makes his own dinner each night.

He lives life to the full, the way he wants to, attending a trampolining class one night a week and going swimming regularly. He enjoys watching wrestling on the television, frequently going with other students to a live match on the weekend. In the evenings he likes to play on his X Box with friends. Theatre is his big passion and he belongs to a theatre group as well as acting in the Orpheus Centre productions.

This is Ollie’s final year at Orpheus. We have arranged for him to complete a supported internship at the YMCA in Sports Leadership which is something he shows particular interest in.  As Ollie grows professionally he will be helping with front of house in the local theatre, potentially progressing to back stage, as this is what he wants to do for the future.