Our housing and estates team have worked long and hard this summer to ensure that Orpheus continues to provide an excellent place to live and work. This not only means seeing huge improvements to the quality of accommodation for our students, but also in staff members' working spaces. It is important that staff have access to the right resources in order to provide a high quality and professional service to our students. Read on to find out what we have done in order to achieve this.

So far...

  • We have moved just over 100 staff members into better working spaces. Each space is larger than the last, decorated, with new flooring, in some cases new windows and new office furniture. We have installed new lockable storage which ensures we continue to be compliant with new data protection regulations.
  • We are in the process of turning around 11 flats for new tenants. This, in most cases, means decorating, installing new flooring and some new kitchen worktops.
  • We have redecorated our residential volunteer rooms and these spaces also have new flooring, ready for the new volunteers to arrive in September.
  • We have removed the old recording studio, decorated the space, installed new flooring and are currently awaiting the new studio to be fitted this week.
  • We have floor fitters replacing the Manor House corridor flooring.

And there's more to come...

  • We hope to extend the car park before the start of term, and remark the spaces to allow for more accessible parking spaces.
  • We hope to refurbish the Room of Requirement during the summer break.
  • We will be creating a new space for students for relaxation and well being.

Stay tuned!