Making the Impossible Possible

On a balmy July evening, after months of frustration, altered plans and false starts owing to the difficulties of the pandemic, their perseverance paid off. The spectacular show School of Rock was the result. Unlike all their previous live shows, this took the form of a film, made by themselves and shown as a drive-in movie.

On arrival the audience were greeted by staff and volunteers directing their parking and handing out food and drink parcels and earphones. They were then treated to an introduction to the world of rock music sung live by a group of a dozen students, led by their drama tutor Alex McNamara. How lucky of Orpheus to have the services of the actor, vocalist and drummer who played Khashoggi in the West End production of We Will Rock You! Their rousing opening number, “Let Me Entertain You” aptly set the tone for what was to come. Such was the mood created that most of the audience were out of their cars, dancing and singing along. They were then invited to take part in a Rock Quiz followed by a few moving words by CEO Rachel Black introducing the film.

It would take far more space than the few words here to give full praise and credit to what was to come. The excellent film crew, Matt Parsons Productions, professionally brought to the screen a cleverly adapted script of the original film “The School of Rock”, acted by the students with clarity and humour. The movement and dance was brilliantly choreographed by Celia, brought to life by Dance Captain Rosie and directed by talented dance tutor Jason Tucker. The film was further enhanced by wacky animation, colourful props and costumes.

The music of course was key to its success and ably directed by Music Tutor Chis Lammin. Art director Lisa Ducie is to be congratulated for her role in the wonderful art that enhanced the production in so many ways, not least the set. Every aspect of the production involved the students who showed they were able to “Take Creativity to the Next Level.”

The hard work, dedication and resilience of everyone involved cannot be over-estimated.  The show was dedicated to student Lucy who tragically died last summer. Lucy was a talented drummer and sculptor. “The School of Rock” was a show she loved. She wrote the song, “Making the Impossible Possible.”  Well done Orpheus for doing just that!