February Intensive Week 2018

In February 2018 our students took part in our first intensive week of the year. One World Cafe focused on discovering the diverse cultures of four different countries - Brazil, Senegal, Egypt and Australia. Our students started with a blank sheet of paper and ended with a whole host of songs, performances, food and artworks that not only exhibited artistic skill but showed new-found knowledge and understanding of different cultures and traditions. Read on for some examples of the amazing work created by our students in the design, music, drama and food departments.


Serena's mixed media Senegal artwork

Serena did a lot of research and produced this fantastic piece of mixed-media work incorporating sand. She was inspired by the sand art of Senegal and chose to portray a Senegalese fishing boat as the word Dakar (the capital of Senegal) means boat. She also incorporated black outline as it is prevalent in Senegalese art.

Andrew's mixed media piece

Here we have a snapshot of Andrew during the process of creating an amazing visual response inspired by the colours and carnival culture of Brazil. He started with the Amazon Rainforest and worked his own interest in carnival and dance into it. He printed the on the paint rhythmically with a sponge as he danced.

Charlie's Didgeridoo

Charlie made his very own Didgeridoo, a wind instrument developed by Aboriginal Australians of northern Australia. He chose earthy colours as that is where the Aborigines got there pigment.

A lot of research and thought went into our students' design pieces and they all show a great understanding of many different cultural aspects of each country.


During our students' musical exploration of Brazil, Senegal, Egypt and Australia, they researched what kind of instruments and sounds were integral to each country and created pieces of music from their research. This piece is inspired by the sounds of Brazil and exhibits the drums, whistles, chants and other sounds that can often be heard on the streets at a Brazilian cranival.


Creating food from the different countries was also not only an enjoyable (and edible!) experience, but also educational and provided our students with life skills training. Students had to create shopping lists and learn how to cook new and diverse ingredients, helping them on their journey to become independent young adults.


Through researching the countries, not only did our students create fun and interesting pieces of theatre, they also discovered more about the cultural and educational aspects of each country. Above is a short clip from an Egyptian scene which teaches us about mummification. In another piece, we learnt about the negative effects of taking coral from the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. 

One World Cafe was a fantastic week bursting with creativity which ended in an exhibition which was well received by it's audience. We look forward to many Intensive Weeks to come and hope to see you at our next show!

"It was a wonderful evening. We especially enjoyed hearing the students talk about the work done before the event - the research, planning and preparation, and it was great to have the opportunity to talk to the students about their work." Jeanne, Parent