This is one of our Orpheus students, Charlie, who worked alongside Portsmouth university to act in a short film. We were approached by Portsmouth to supply an actor for a short film called "Milo".The story followed the life of a young autistic man who wanted to have a sleep over away from home with a 'girlfriend'. He chose to sleep in the garden in a tent and if he did not enjoy it he could go home. The girl was someone he liked a lot but had never spoken to and in his words he just wanted to be friends with. However she decides it would be more fun to take him to a party against his will and there he encounters many tough moments. The Comedy  was filmed in two different Air B&B's where Charlie was staying overnight, as well as in one of the Portsmouth University Film studios. The shoot was done extremely professionally and the team of 9 students who took on the responsibility of Director, production, cameramen, sound boom and writer hope to win a place at the BFI festival in London in July.

Charlie was also lucky enough to attend a 2 hour course with the Big Fish Media Company for voice over artists. He was funded by a combination of the Mark Dower trust and the Ben Gorton fund. He had a whole day in Woking and not only had 2 hours with Fenella Fudge, an actress of BBC radio fame but he also listened in on two voice over contracts with voices and clients from half way round the world. It really opened his mind to how much they can do and the kind of path he wants to follow in the future. In this photo he is having a go at recording a voice over himself. Looks fun!